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Cultivating World-Class Excellence Through IB Game Changers

IB educators at IB Conference

This month, a cross-divisional group of Saint Andrew’s faculty and administrators had the opportunity to connect with fellow independent school teachers and administrators from across the country when they attended the 2nd Annual IB Independent School Boost conference hosted at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, Florida. 

This event provided independent school educators and administrators a platform to convene, share best practices, and explore innovative ideas that support the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs from an independent school context. The impact of this experience resonates deeply with Saint Andrew’s mission and strategic initiatives.

At the conference, teachers engaged in vibrant discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at advancing educational excellence. On the first day, teachers delved into workshops focusing on IB Teaching and Learning, including concept-based inquiry, critical and creative thinking innovation, and universal design for learning. The workshops reinforced Saint Andrew’s dedication to "World-Class Excellence" by allowing faculty to explore cutting-edge pedagogical approaches and gain fresh perspectives to enhance world-class student learning experiences in a transformative setting.

On the second day, they had time to observe classrooms and speak with other teachers who taught the same subject/grade, engage in roundtable discussions with administrators and fellow educators, and listen attentively to a student panel reflecting on their growth and success attributed to their IB education. Through these interactions, they gained valuable insights into innovative teaching practices and forged meaningful connections with educators who share our commitment to fostering lifelong learning. 

The conference closed with a teacher panel from Carrollwood Day School, where their educators shared invaluable insights and practical tips for providing a holistic, rigorous, and inclusive IB education. By fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas, our teachers and administrators returned with renewed inspiration to cultivate an extraordinary community of learners of honor and purpose, as outlined in our strategic plan initiative, "Home to Game Changers."

As Saint Andrew’s continues to uphold its commitment to educational excellence, the school will continue to empower our teachers and administrators to engage in professional growth opportunities that inspire them to further develop an inclusive community, fostering lifelong learning and nurturing each individual in mind, body, and spirit. Together, Saint Andrew’s is building a community where every individual thrives and excels.

IB educators getting on SA bus

Some of the teachers and administrators who rode together to the IB Independent School Boost event. From left to right, Chuck Pawlik, DP Coordinator, Naomi Pawlik, Head of Middle School, and educators Victor Rivera, Megan Dejo, Helena DaSilva, Aruanda Yowell, and Stacey Parrish.

Yash at IB conference

Saint Andrew’s School MYP Coordinator, Kimberly Yash, with the Carrollwood Day School MYP Coordinator, Sabrina McCartney. They meet regularly to share ideas and innovative practices when attending the Florida League of International Baccalaureate Schools, Inc. (FLIBS) and the Cross-School Collaboration events hosted by the IB Coordinators in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County Schools. Chuck Pawlik, Saint Andrew’s DP Coordinator, also does the same with Carrollwood Day School DP Coordinator, Nancy A. Hsu.

IB teachers in Tampa

Most of the teachers and administrators who attended the IB Independent School Boost event. From left to right, educators Helena DaSilva, Victor Rivera, Andrea Aronsohn, Leslie Jarow, Leah Bergman, Aruanda Yowell, Ellen Gottsegen, Emily Latta, Stacey Parrish, Kimberly Yash, MYP Coordinator, Kelli Sanchez, Director of Global Engagement, Chuck Pawlik, DP Coordinator, and Naomi Pawlik, Head of Middle School.

IB Conference Group Photo

The group of educators and administrators from around the country who attended the IB Independent School Boost. There were educators and administrators from as far away as New Hampshire and Texas, as well as a host of local educators and administrators from Florida.

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